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Workers’ compensation is available to both union and non-union members who are seriously injured on the job. If you are an injured union worker, you need to trust your case to the experienced PA Union Member Injury Lawyer team at Freeburn & Hamilton.

You can trust Freeburn & Hamilton worker’s compensation lawyers with your case. Our workers’ compensation attorneys are certified by the Pennsylvania Bar Association as specialists in workers’ compensation law. There are less than 200 lawyers statewide that have attained this certification. Freeburn & Hamilton attorneys have the years of experience representing injured workers and knowledge of workers’ compensation law to successfully represent you.

Workers’ compensation provides substantial financial and medical benefits through your employers’ workers’ compensation insurance.

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If you are a union member, you should speak to an experienced attorney from the PA Union Member Injury Lawyer team at Freeburn & Hamilton. We understand how union membership will affect your right to workers’ compensation. At the law firm of Freeburn & Hamilton, we help union members who suffer from a union worker injury. We will work to protect your access to your medical and legal rights and benefits.

If you have questions about a union worker injury and workers’ compensation, schedule a free consultation today with an PA Union Member Injury Lawyer from Freeburn & Hamilton by calling (717) 777-7777 or (570) 777-7777, or fill out the Quick Contact form on this page. We won’t charge a fee unless we recover money for you.

Freeburn & Hamilton has 12 office locations throughout Central Pennsylvania to better serve our clients. You can find a Freeburn & Hamilton office in Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Lebanon, Gettysburg, Lewistown, Mifflintown, CarlisleHuntingdon, and more. We serve injured union members everywhere in Pennsylvania.

Additionally,  we make house calls. If you are an injured union member and you cannot come to us, we will come to you, at your home or in the hospital, anywhere in Pennsylvania. We will meet with you in the evening or on the weekend, whenever is most convenient for you.

If You Are Injured On The Job – Call Freeburn & Hamilton, Your  PA Union Member Injury Lawyer:

Not only are you, as a union member, protected by state workers’ compensation law. You may also be protected under the collective bargaining agreement your union has with your employer. As a union member who has suffered a union worker injury, it is important that you know your rights. Here are some things you must consider:

  • Unions can inform you about your rights under a collective bargaining agreement, and your options under such contracts.
  • You may have special benefits available to you under your union welfare fund.
  • It is important that you work with your union to achieve a greater chance of success following a union worker injury.
  • Your union may be able to provide you with additional job protection while you are hurt and cannot work.
  • Unions may be able to help in investigating your accident.

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To learn more about your rights after suffering a union worker injury, schedule a free consultation with the experienced PA Union Member Injury Lawyer team at Freeburn & Hamilton. We have helped countless union members get the benefits they deserve after suffering a union worker injury, and we will help you.

Union Member Injury Settlement Results

$450,000 settlement in Marcellus Shale workers’ compensation case: This was a workers compensation case for the death of claimant’s husband who was killed in a Marcellus Shale construction accident. The decedent’s employer and insurance carrier paid no workers’ compensation benefits until Freeburn & Hamilton got involved. Lawrence Barone, Esq.

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$4,050,000 settlement in an industrial accident case. This accident resulted in an explosion that caused burns to over 85% of the plaintiff’s body. Plaintiff underwent numerous surgeries and lost several fingers. Richard Sadlock, Esq.

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