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Car Safety Tips for Kids

Last week, we shared a post with tips to keep your kids safe while walking to school each day. While so many kids walk to school each day, nearly every child is in a car at one point in time. Here are some car safety tips that you can follow to help your kids stay safer in and around cars.


1) Make sure you are choosing the right car seat for your child depending on age and size and install it correctly! The website www.safecar.gov offers excellent tips for this.

2) Make sure your child is wearing their seatbelt and that it fits properly. Wearing a seatbelt, and doing so properly, can reduce the risk of crash injuries by 50%.

3) Don’t leave your child alone in the car at any time. Heatstroke does not just occur in high temperatures on sunny days and is not necessarily prevented by leaving the windows cracked.

4) Make sure your child knows that trunks are not places to play or hide in. Keep your trunk locked so that your child can not get in it.

5) Pay attention when you get in your car and start it that your child isn’t playing outside where you can roll over them.

Cars can be a dangerous place for everyone, and accidents can happen, but there are safety mechanisms in place to help reduce those risks. Following these car safety tips may help reduce the risk of injury, or severity of that injury, to your kids when they are in and around cars.

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