Case Results

$4,050,000 settlement in an industrial accident case. This accident resulted in an explosion that caused burns to over 85% of the plaintiff’s body. Plaintiff underwent numerous surgeries and lost several fingers. Richard Sadlock, Esq.

$2,500,000 (plus) settlement in a construction case. This case involved an accident in a construction zone that resulted in serious permanent injuries to the plaintiff. There were multiple corporate defendants, all of which denied liability, and required extensive litigation. Richard E. Freeburn, Esq.

$2,400,000 settlement in tractor trailer death case. This case involved a tractor trailer that struck the automobile operated by Plaintiff’s husband, resulting in his death. Richard E. Freeburn, Esq.

$1,800,000 settlement in commercial truck death case: In this case a commercial truck hit a wooden, temporary highway construction sign that was straddling the concrete median barrier on the Pennsylvania turnpike. As a result, the sign and metal support posts were propelled into the opposite lane of travel where they struck the automobile that plaintiff’s daughter was driving. Plaintiff’s daughter died as a result of her injuries. Richard E. Freeburn, Esq.

$1,300,000 settlement in highway construction zone case: In this case, the plaintiff’s elderly father was working on highway construction when the work vehicle he was driving was struck by a tractor trailer traveling through the construction zone. Plaintiff’s father died as a result of his injuries. Richard E. Freeburn, Esq.

$515,000 settlement in motorcycle accident case: In this case, the plaintiff was riding his motorcycle when he was broadsided by an elderly woman who pulled from a stop sign. This case involved numerous complicated legal issues involving Plaintiff’s rights to underinsured motorist coverage and subrogation rights of his health insurance carrier. Freeburn & Hamilton was able to obtain the underinsured motorist coverage that Plaintiff deserved and defeated the subrogation claim by his health insurance carrier. Christina Bradley, Esq.

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$450,000 settlement in Marcellus Shale workers’ compensation case: This was a workers compensation case for the death of claimant’s husband who was killed in a Marcellus Shale construction accident. The decedent’s employer and insurance carrier paid no workers’ compensation benefits until Freeburn & Hamilton got involved. Lawrence Barone, Esq.

$101,000 settlement in a dog bite case: When a young girl in Huntingdon County went to a neighbor’s house to see if their children could play. When the door opened, a pit bull mix jumped off the couch and jumped on the girl biting her face and neck. The settlement included all available liability and medical payment coverage available. Ryan P. McDaniel, Esq.

$70,000 settlement in a single car accident: Our client was a backseat passenger when the intoxicated driver of his vehicle ran a stop light and hit a concrete wall head on. Our client lost three teeth and required dental surgery. The settlement included all available liability and Underinsured Motorist Coverage. Ryan P. McDaniel, Esq.

$300,000 in car accident settlement: Our client suffered extremely serious injuries and was bed-ridden, when another driver ran through a stop sign and collided with our client. Gregg Freeburn, Esq.

$150,000 personal injury settlement: Our client was injured in the waiting room of a restaurant when they sat in a defective chair. Gregg Freeburn, Esq.

$50,000 car accident settlement: In this case, our client was hit by a driver as he went through an intersection as the light was changing from green to yellow. The adverse driver was uninsured and took a left turn in front of our client. The insurance company claimed our client was at fault for the accident, but we received the maximum amount available under the policy. Gregg Freeburn, Esq.