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Dick Freeburn Shares Halloween Safety Tips on Good Day PA!

October 27th, 2017 Good Day PA!,Holiday Safety
Good Day PA!

Attorney Dick Freeburn recently spoke on Good Day PA! sharing insight on how to have a safe and fun Halloween night. If you missed the segment, you can watch it by clicking the link below. Please remember these helpful Halloween safety tips and share with your children and friends.



  • Be safe and be seen: Wear reflective clothing or fasten reflective tape to costumes. Carry a flashlight so drivers can see you better.
  • Wear clothing that fits properly: Many costumes have long drapes/robes, however these tend to drag on the ground and could cause someone to trip and fall. If you are to wear clothing that drapes, make sure it fits properly to avoid injury.
  • Walk with an adult: Stay on the side of the road and if there is a sidewalk available, use it.


  • Be cautious while driving: Kids will be bolting from house to house, jaywalking across the streets to get candy. Be prepared for trick-or-treaters to enter the street and be ready to react appropriately to prevent injury.
  • Do not drive distracted: As always, do not use your cell phone while driving and do not do anything that causes you to take your eyes off the road. Especially with many more pedestrians around.


  • Keep property free from hazards: Make sure walkways, driveways, and lawns are free of debris and are well lit so children and adults can approach the door safely and leave safely.
  • Don’t use real fires or lit candles: Open flames could cause a costume to ignite and cause serious injury.
  • Put away and secure pets: Pets can get overly excited by the many strangers coming to the home on Halloween. Make sure your pets are away and do not have access to trick-or-treaters. Even though you know they are safe, your pet may not feel the same way.

The last thing anyone wants is an accident or injury on Halloween. Be sure to follow these tips to ensure it is a safe and fun night for all! Happy Halloween from Freeburn Hamilton!

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My experience with Gregg Freeburn was fantastic! He did a great job providing feedback, answering questions, and keeping us updated on everything. Gregg would go out of his way to contact us on the weekends and it was greatly appreciated. He was very professional and patient throughout this entire process and I highly recommend him! Gregg, you are the BEST!