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Length of Wage Loss Benefits

Wondering How Long You Will Receive Wage Loss Benefits?

You are entitled to wage loss benefits for as long as you are totally disabled due a work injury. If you are partially disabled due to a work injury, you are entitled to partial disability benefits for five hundred (500) weeks or until you have reached a full and complete recovery from your work injury, whichever comes first.

In addition, the Workers’ Compensation Act provides the employer/insurance company with the opportunity to have you, the injured worker, undergo and Impairment Rating Evaluation after you have reached the 104 weeks of Workers’ Compensation Benefits. An Impairment Rating Evaluation is a tool whereby the employer/insurance company may be able to place a cap on the number of weeks that you will be entitled to receive Workers’ Compensation wage loss benefits. If you are scheduled for an Impairment Rating Evaluation, contact Freeburn & Hamilton to ensure that you rights are protected.

Freeburn & Hamilton workers’ compensation attorneys are certified by Pennsylvania Bar Association as workers’ compensation law specialists. We can meet with you to discuss your work injury at one of 12 conveniently located Central Pennsylvania offices; at your home; or, hospital.


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