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Pedestrian Struck

December 8th, 2014 Pedestrian Accidents

pedestrian struck crossing streetPedestrian Struck and Killed in Cumberland County Accident.

Fox 43 News is reporting that an 84-year old woman was crossing St. John’s Church Road in Hampden Township, Cumberland County when she was struck by a car. The pedestrian struck was wearing dark clothing and crossing the street in a poorly lit area. The accident occurred around 7:30pm Sunday night.

As a pedestrian, walking along the road at night can be dangerous. If you must walk, wear light clothing or reflective buttons. Try to stay in well-lit areas and only cross the street at well marked crosswalks or traffic lights. As a driver, it is important that you are even more alert at night. Slow down and put away your phone. Speeding and distracted driving is dangerous when it is easy to see your surroundings, and even more so at night.

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