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Lennie thought her insurance company would be there for her

Lennie thought her insurance company would be there for her when she had to spend thousands of dollars to replace her roof after a house fire.

She thought wrong. But Freeburn & Hamilton was there for her.

A restoration company that Lennie hired replaced the roof. When the company wanted paid, Lennie assumed that her insurance company would foot the bill. After all, she had been paying premiums to the insurance company for years for just this reason.

But the insurance company said no. When Lennie couldn’t pay the restoration company, the restoration company sued her. That’s when Lennie knew that she needed a good lawyer – and fast.
“I was in a terrible distraught way,” Lennie said. A co-worker – himself an attorney – told Lennie to call Freeburn & Hamilton. Her case was assigned to Christina L. Bradley, a personal injury attorney with the firm.

“She made me feel very comfortable,” Lennie said of Bradley. “She reassured me that she wasn’t sure which way it would go, but that she would do her best to bring a good outcome.”
Lennie said Bradley fought for her and got the insurance company to pay the restoration company.

“They did an outstanding job,” Lennie said of Bradley and Freeburn & Hamilton. “They made me feel comfortable to work with them. I could sleep at night feeling that I was secure in feeling that I had chosen a competent group of people that would do their best and find all the information out necessary to go forth in fighting for me.”

However, Bradley and Freeburn & Hamilton did more than just represent Lennie.
“They made me feel part of a family,” Lennie said. “Once you put it in their hands, they do their best. You can rest assured that they are going to get all the answers necessary to provide the best result.

I had a pleasant and informative time while my case was being litigated. Felt very comfortable with Attorney Schneider and his legal aid Tonya. Steve and Tonya always kept me notified and up to date on changes in my case. I was represented very well

Richard R.