Lebanon personal injury lawyer

Holiday Safety Reminders

December 22nd, 2014

Holiday Safety Tip Reminders It is Christmas Eve, so most likely you are long done with putting up your holiday decorations. You are waiting for your guests to arrive for the holiday. You are running around preparing or traveling, excited for the relaxing holiday to officially start. But before you relax, take a minute to ensure that you followed these holiday safety tips: 1) Some…

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We’ve Moved!

December 19th, 2014

Freeburn & Hamilton Announces New Lebanon Office Location The Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Law Firm of Freeburn & Hamilton is pleased to announce the relocation of the firm’s Lebanon office to 322 South 8th Street. Our phone number has not changed. We can still be reached at 717-272-7892, or by calling the 7’s at 717-777-7777. If you live in the Lebanon area and need a Personal Injury or…

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Pedestrian Killed

October 28th, 2014

Pedestrian Killed By Car Backing Out of Parking Space Fox 43 is reporting that a man was killed last night in the parking lot of Swatara State Park in Lebanon County. Bruce C. Fuhrman’s caretaker was backing out of a parking space and accidentally hit him as Fuhrman was walking next to the vehicle. Fuhrman suffered from head and torso injuries, which later killed him….

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Car Accident Passenger Wins $155,000

September 25th, 2014

Passenger in at-fault car gets $155,000 in car accident case. At the intersection of Rocherty Road and N Cornwall Road in Lebanon County, a car failed to properly stop and proceed through a stop sign and was hit by a second car. The backseat passenger in the first car was knocked unconscious by the impact and it was determined later that she had bleeding in her brain,…

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